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We specialize in a variety of logistics services. Our aim is to deliver the top level of logistics based on your requests. We hope that with our services you will receive the most personalized help in transporting any kind of cargos to any distances, even overseas. Discover the amazing world of logistics with Trans!

We deliver your cargo from 1 kg worldwide and exactly in time with 3 guarantees


Get the goods in time according to the contract.


Get a guarantee that the price in the contract is final and will not be changed within the delivery.


Cargo will be delivered without damage otherwise we will compensate for losses.

Sea Freight

It’s cheaper by sea!

Sea freight will allow you to make effective trading operations with the whole world.
Are you planning a delivery or waiting for your cargo in containers?
Do you need to deliver an oversized heavy cargo for a long distance?
Do you worry about safety of your cargo?
We will arrange for you the most cost-effective, convenient and safe deliveries by sea using different types of containers.

Not only the cargo but all relative services as well

Sea freight is not just the delivery from one port to another. We are ready to assist you at any stage of the process and provide if necessary
• Cargo escort
• Document flow
• Loading and discharge
• Cargo insurance
• Customs and bonded warehouse services

We are ready to provide the whole range of logistics services and organize a “door-to-door” delivery.
We work with all major ports of Russia and the world to deliver the cargoes from / to any point on the map.

What cargoes we are ready to deliver by sea?

Any cargoes you need to transport. We offer:
• shipments with different types of container
• deliveries of liquid, bulk and general cargoes
• transportation of expensive, fragile cargoes, equipment and etc

What if you need to ship small volume?

Even if you don’t have enough cargo for a container, one kilogram for example, it will not be a issue for a sea delivery. There is an LCL (less than container) service running successfully through the whole world for a long time. We can offer this service for you as well in a cost-effective and a good way just like everything we do.

Sea freight with Fasdeer: practical, cost-effective, safe

Road Freight

Faster is only by air!

If you want to combine high speed delivery with relatively low cost, road freight is your choice. And if you want to save your money, time and energy, Fasdeer logistic company is your only opportunity.

When should you choose a road freight?

The advantages of a delivery by road are obvious. In what cases should you use them? Fasdeer staff gives 5 answers:
1. The destination is not far. You need to deliver the cargo within a country or to a state close by. Shorter distances are easier to cover along highways.
2. In case if your delivery is a part of a multimodal transportation. Truck is the only way to arrange delivery:
• Door to door
• to the port, railway station, airport
• From the warehouse to the destination
3. When you need a flexible route. If your cargo needs to be delivered to several destinations, an optimally designed logistics by road can easily provide this.
4. When you need to transport dangerous or oversized cargo. It is more convenient to carry out complex loading and unloading by truck, monitor the safety of goods, it is easier with forwarding services.
5. Mobility. Changed your plans? Need a route correction? Do you need an emergency reloading or unloading at a previously unplanned place? And all this while the truck is on the way? We will organize and effectively solve the task.

Additional services

As a part of the road delivery we will be happy to help you with:
• Door to door delivery
• Document flow
• Cargo consolidation at the warehouses for the further shipment
• in recalculation, weighing, marking, packaging of cargo
• safekeeping
• loading and dispatching the entire cargo or its consignment to your partners

Fasdeer organizes direct routes, domestic and international, without intermediate transshipments, saving you time and money, taking care for the safety of the cargo

Air service

When time is more precious than money

The Fasdeer transport company provides services for international and domestic air deliveries. We work at all major airports in Europe, America, Southeast Asia. We solve individual logistic tasks of any complexity.

5 advantages and 1 disadvantage

You may prefer air service as a way of transporting goods for various reasons.
• direct delivery between remote locations;
• no obstacles and bloсks on the way, even where delivery by road or railway is difficult or inaccessible;
• the best conditions for the safety and security of cargo;
• the ability to deliver large, bulky, heavy, oversized, valuable, groupage cargo;
• and most importantly - time!
The distance even between continents is overcome in the shortest possible time. Yes, it is worth the money, it is the most expensive type of transportation. And yes, there are situations where the costs are really worth it.

More than just a flight: everything your cargo needs

We provide related services in any complex:
• door to door delivery where air freight is part of the route
• Document flow;
• delivery of goods from a supplier, a seller organization or from a manufactory;
• consolidation of goods in the warehouse for further shipment
• delivery of the arrived cargo to the destination specified by the client.

Fasdeer is ready to help its customers at any stage of sending cargo by air: before it reaches the airport and after arrival.

We deliver everything except weapons and drugs, from 1 kg

Whatever cargo you need to deliver by air, we are ready to organize it. We have at our disposal an extensive list of agents, from which we will choose the best option for the fastest and most cost-effective delivery of your cargo. Whether it is a huge container or a groupage cargo consisting of several packages, we will do our service best

Fasdeer will deliver your cargo on the wings of fortune

Railway transportation

Fast enough and very inexpensive

Delivery of goods by rail is a popular logistics option, since it combines a number of the most important advantages for the client:
• It is necessary to deliver the cargo over a rather long distance within the continent, but it is impossible by sea, and by plane is it too expensive?
• Are you planning an exact compliance with the delivery time, and can not rely on the favor of the sea and air elements?
• Do you agree that the cargo will spend a few days on the road, but will reach its destination at the lowest price?
According to marketing research, about half of the volume of international cargo and shipments within the country is carried out by rail.

7 key advantages of railway transportation

You may prefer railway transportaion as a way of transporting goods for various reasons:
Price. A financial advantage that doesn't need to be proven. Rail transport is the most inexpensive among all shipping methods worldwide;
Reliability. In the wagon, the cargo is completely secure, and the correct packaging guarantees its safety.;
Availability. Railways connect many destinations, which provide excellent traffic capacity;
Independence from external factors. The cargo in the wagon is protected from natural whims, the climate will not matter for it. And if a certain temperature of transportation is needed, it is provided by the type of carriage.
No restrictions on cargo type. By rail, both standard containers and oversized, dangerous goods, bulk, liquid, valuable, etc. are successfully delivered. We accept any cargo from 1 kg permitted by law.
Control. Rail transport is subject to strict regulations. It is possible to control the cargo at any stage of the journey.
Flexible conditions for different types of cargo. In order for the delivery to be carried out optimally, we will select the optimal conditions for each cargo, the method of packing, the type of wagon, etc. These conditions will be strictly followed throughout the entire route.

An important nuance that must be taken into account when delivering goods by rail is the train schedule! Routes need strict coordination and permanent updating. But we are ready to take on this difficult mission upon ourselves.

As well as many other things

We provide related services in any complex:
• consolidation of goods for further shipment by rail;
• storage of goods;
• delivery from your warehouse to the wagon and from the wagon to the destination;;
• organization of "repacking".

Fasdeer: rail delivery of iron quality

Warehouse services

How to reduce costs at all stages of logistics processes?

Warehouse logistics has already proven itself as an effective and important part for many types of business. It was among the first types of services we offered and now we provide well-established warehouse services of the necessary stage or in a complex .
• Does your business solve complex tasks that require timely management of the movement of goods?
• Do the specific features of your delivery require preliminary storage, as, for example, for groupage cargos?
• Do you need warehouse handling of your items?
If you need warehouse services, our company can combine them with the delivery of the cargo the most convenient and profitable way.

What do you get from Fasdeer?

Did you know that properly organized warehouse management helps to optimize the flow of goods, avoid unnecessary movements, and minimize the risk of damage or defects as much as possible? What Fasdeer warehouse services include:
• acceptance of your cargo;
• loading and unloading;
• handling of your cargo in warehouses;
• consolidation of consignments for delivery;
• packing, repackaging, sticking, etc.
The client can at any time receive the necessary information about his cargo, its availability in the warehouse and its condition.

Responsible warehousing is a guarantee of ensuring the safety of cargo

Our team of professionals is ready to accept your cargo for official safekeeping. This means that we guarantee the proper conditions to ensure complete safety and are financially responsible. Our up to date warehouse equipment allows us to provide the following services:
• rack, floor, shelf storage;
• storage of regular and oversized cargos;
• temperature control;
• storage of goods with different characteristics in the respective separate areas.
You do not need to worry about cargo safety, waste money on your own storage facilities and qualified personnel, waste your time to maintain high speed and quality of cargo handling.
Fasdeer will do all this efficiently and inexpensively for you.


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4 reasons to become our client


The maximum guarantee stated in the contract:
- delivery on time
- final price
- damages reimbursement


Cargo is delivered without delays:
- difficulties in the entire supply chain are immediately eliminated through negotiations in 3 languages


For 6 years, we have developed strong personal and partnerships with the main transport hubs of Europe and the world to reduce the price and delivery time, preventing problems along the entire delivery route.


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