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About Company

Within several years we have been transporting goods for individual entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses.

We deliver cargo from 1 kg across Europe and to any part of the planet, regardless of the country and city where it was loaded.

For a number of companies, we take on several functions of the logistics department or completely replace it.

Freight forwarding companies also like to work with us, as we can guarantee favorable conditions to their customers and ensure the fulfillment of their obligations on delivery time and safety of the cargo.

Our History

The first transport company Fasdeer was created, which later grew into a large group united by one aim.

We are constantly developing, customers trust us more and more, and the annual volume of transportation by 1997 exceeds 10,000 TEU.
Every year we increase our level: more features, more volumes, better service, lower prices for customers.

We created a separate legal entity in the group of companies to work with shipping containers.

Clients' orders were increasing, and we open another legal entity in the Turkey, so we stated to act as an agent of foreign economic activity. Carrying out domestic transportation, we took on the functions of a freight forwarder in the ports of the Turkey.

We have already grown and we continue to grow and improve every day.

Our Advantages

Our transportation company with more than 10 years of experience is your best choice for shipping cargo of any size or character to you and your customers. Our professional employees will take care of your goods, whenever you send them. You are granted complete control over the process of delivery. Your freight is tracked every step of the way. We provide a high standard of shipping, regardless of its volume. Our goal is to provide our clients with professional freight services that add value to the overall supply chain and assist our customers in the growth and success of their business with mutually beneficial results. If you want a customized solution, we deliver global coverage, managed costs, and reliable project continuity. When choosing our company, you choose a long-lasting partner that will help you with success of your business.

Call us: + 358 93 157 7090

We follow transparency methods which allow our clients to rely on our service and provide safe and secure transportation.